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MFB Advisory Services, LLC’s (MFB Advisory) primary business is in providing Independent Loan Review for community-based financial institutions throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, however because of its experienced staff and associates they are able to assist financial institutions in numerous ways. In addition to the commercial loan review, MFB Advisory performs policy and procedure evaluations, loan portfolio due diligence, documentation exception review, credit analysis outsourcing and commercial credit training.

Independent Loan Review

As noted above, the primary product of MFB Advisory is the independent review of an institution’s loan portfolio. MFB Advisory is by far the leader in the industry within MFB’s marketplace serving the needs of community banks, thrifts and credit unions. MFB Advisory can tailor its activities to meet the specific needs of the institution and is often called upon to review a loan portfolio in anticipation of a regulatory examination. MFB Advisory has the ability to perform the services that your risk exposure and time constraints dictate. In the engagement scope of work, the client institution can focus the activities of the MFB Advisory staff to maximize the benefits of the engagement.

Credit/Lending Consulting

MFB Advisory can offer additional consulting services to support your lending and credit department needs. The services could include policy development and/or review, underwriting assistance, process management, ALLL review, concentration analyses and workout assistance. Also, MFB Advisory can assist with policy and procedure evaluations, loan portfolio due diligence and documentation review, and will perform commercial credit training for officers and directors. If the need is credit related, MFB Advisory stands ready to assist.


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