Loan Participations

Maryland Financial Bank can purchase participations in commercial and real estate loans that may exceed an institution’s legal or in-house lending limit or other limitations on the size and type of loan. We can assist in large and complex transactions, including the creation of a group of participants if necessary. We stand ready to assist you at any phase of your transaction in a timely fashion.

We can also provide needed loan volume to institutions looking to increase their loan portfolios through the sale of participations. We can provide full documentation on a loan which will allow the institutions to make an informed credit decision. We will work closely with institution on the profiles of their needs to ensure that we adhere to their purchasing criteria.

Financial Institution/Holding Company Loans

Maryland Financial Bank can lend directly to a financial institution and/or their holding company. This may be an attractive funding source for expansion, acquisition, stock repurchase, ESOPs, liquidity or liquidity. We can tailor the loan, lines or commitments to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Director & Officer Loans

Maryland Financial Bank makes loans to directors and officers of financial institutions. These consumer loans can be secured or unsecured; can be offered with fixed or floating interest rates; and be payable on demand or within a certain term. We can tailor our loans to the needs of the borrower. Our director & officer loans may be a solution to Regulation O limitations and requirements at the borrower’s institution or may be an attractive alternative when confidentiality is a concern.

Credit Services

Maryland Financial Bank was also built to be a resource for our customer financial institutions. One of our biggest assets is the knowledge and experience of our staff. We stand ready to assist our customers in any way that we can. If an institution would seek assistance in underwriting a complex credit or it is faced with collection and/or workout issues, we can help. We also have the ability assist in underwriting and/or annual reviews. Just let us know what is needed.

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